Who am I?


Good morning everybody, and like I promised, Let me introduce myself :

My name is Clément Laffaille, I was born on the 15th of may 1992 in L’isle Adam (95) and grew up in Bois le roi (77) since I was Three. There I began to enjoy nature, environment and learned to listen all around me the composition of the soundscape. I am also keen on Cinema and Audiovisual since I was 8 years old. 

I passed my High School Diploma in Fontainebleau at the François 1er and Blanche de Castille High Schools. Today I am studing to pass my Bts audiovisual sound (a french diploma of 2 years after high school) at the Eicar in Paris. 

My professional and friends environment see me like an energetic and organized people. I am really open and enjoy to discover places, people and things. I like to encounter difficulties in my work when that permise me to learn technics and go ahead. I choose song partly because of the perpetual evolution in this environment. 

I am open for any project you have to offer me, especially in Animal’s Documentary. 
Thank you for reading. 


The beginning of a long story

Hello and welcome to my first Professional Website wich I’m gonna use like a media to diffuse and make known my experiences and projects as a Sound Engineer Student in the International School of Audiovisual’s Creation and Realization (Eicar: Ecole International de Création Audiovisuelle et de Réalisation). 

Bonjour et bienvenue sur mon premier Site Internet à caractère professionnel qui me servira de moyen d’expression et de diffusion de mes expériences en tant qu’étudiant à l’Eicar (Ecole International de Création Audiovisuel et de Réalisation).

So what am I going to show you? 
Well, my website is gonna be made of my experiences in Filming Music Festivals, Recording sounds on Movies and Documentary, Editing and Mixing audiovisual’s sound, Composing Music and Lyrics and Movie’s Creation.

Donc, que vais-je vous poster?
Mon site web sera composé de mes expériences multiple dans le Tournage de Festivals de Musique, l’Enregistrement Sonore de Film et Documentaires, l’Edition et le Mixage sonore de projets audiovisuels, mais aussi la composition de Musique, Lyrics et la Réalisation et Création de Films. 

Also, I will show you the discoveries I’ve made all along my research, like new sounds’s systems, new methods etc. . . 
I will make you be part of my evolution in this world such is the Cinema and Audiovisual. 
But First, I will Introduce myself in the next post. 
Thank you for reading.
Clément L.